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Barrier Orb

Cost: 400

EQUIP a barrier orb. FIRE places a solid wall. ALT FIRE rotates the targeter.

Matches played as Sage


  • Be careful when casting [X] Resurrection in hostile areas as it briefly locks Sage and her target in place for an easy repeat kill for the enemy.

  • Sage's [C] Barrier Orb is currently one of the stongest abilties in the game thanks to its large health pool and long duration, allowing her to cut off routes through the map for extended periods of time

  • One of the best uses of [C] Barrier Orb is to boost yourself/teammates by casting the ability under their feet.

    The higher elevation is great for staying out of sight lines and an easy first shot as enemy players turn the corner.

  • Sage's [Q] Slow Orb is one of the best combo abilities in the game, especially paired with Phoenix's [E] Hot Hands and Brimstone's [X] Orbital Strike, holding them in place to ensure multiple kills on bombsites.