Stim Beacon
Cost: 200
EQUIP a stim beacon. FIRE to toss the stim beacon in front of Brimstone. Upon landing, the stim beacon will create a field that grants players RapidFire.

Matches played as Brimstone

  • [X] Orbital Strike is one of the strongest, and most versatile abilities in the game. It can be used to stop the spike defuse, clear out an area of the map, or pick off enemies trapped in a specific area, just to list a few - creating an immense impact on the round.

  • [Q] Incendiary is a great addition to Brimstone's already very mobile kit. However, if the situation calls for it, you can also have a strong impact playing somewhat further back either pre-emptively, or as a reaction to something going on in the game.

  • Brimstone's [E] Sky Smoke is one of the most useful abilities in the game. At the start of a round look to smoke off sight lines and hallways your team is making a push for.

    You can pre-set these before the walls drop so it instantly casts as the round starts.
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