Set 9.5 Update - Horizonbound

Teamfight Tactics - Aug 2023

What's new?

Here is a sneak peek into TFT Horizonbound mid-set update!
This update will be available on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) on Tuesday, August 29.
The official release is on Wednesday, September 13 with Patch 13.18.

Runeterra Reforged: Horizonbound brings players to the edges of Runeterra, with destinations in the dangerous smuggler haven Bilgewater and the reclusive jungle lands of Ixtal. Champions from both regions will be joining the action in Horizonbound.. Players can battle it out for superiority in four new nautically themed arenas while reacting to ever-changing team dynamics and portals that change the core rules in surprising new ways.

The new set update will feature the following:

  • New Units - including Milio, Silco, and Naafiri!
  • New Items
  • New Traits
  • New Augments
  • New Region Portals

New Traits

  • Bilgewater

    Fire the cannons! Bilgewater (3/5/7/9) locals mark their foes for periodic barrages from their waterborne artillery!

    1. Graves
    2. Illaoi
    3. Twisted Fate
    4. Miss Fortune
    5. Nautilus
    6. Nilah
    7. Gangplank
  • Ixtal

    Each game, Ixtal units create different elemental hexes that empower whoever's on them, and empower Ixtal units even more!

    1. Milio
    2. Qiyana
    3. Rengar
    4. Malphite
    5. Nidalee
    6. Zyra
    7. Neeko
  • Vanquisher

    Damage from Vanquisher Abilities can critically strike. Vanquishers gain bonus Critical Strike Chance and Damage (2/4/6).

    1. Ashe
    2. Nilah
    3. Xayah
    4. Darius
    5. Jhin

New Units


    A single target damage carry, Naafiri can grant her Darkin Passive to allies upon falling in battle, calling packmates to attack the user's target.


    Call the Dreadway, distributing citrus to allies, and exploding into enemies. Use his cutlass or his pistol to ignite your foes or cast faster!


    Silco slings Shimmer at a foe, damaging them and enemies nearby. Allies in the contamination zone are healed.


    Waltz through battle with Fiora, a Challenger who strikes her enemies while untargetable and heals for a portion of the damage dealt.


    Mordekaiser hits slow, but hard. The hits get harder as he slays foes.

    Xayah & Nilah

    Shred your foes' armor with razor-sharp feathers. Xayah has a new class, Vanquisher, which increases critical strike chance against tankier enemies. Nilah's attacks strike in an AOE. She dives the enemy donning a shield, and gaining attack speed.


    Milio’s Ultra Mega Fire Kick launches a fiery ball that stuns the first enemy hit, then bounces to the closest enemy behind them.

    Miss Fortune

    Miss Fortune calls down an X-shaped rain of bullets, dealing damage and wounding her foes.

    Nautilus summons a whirlpool pulling unlucky swimmers (or sinkers?) together and knocking them up.
    Graves & Illaoi

    Graves' modified Smoke Grenade chills enemies who enter the smoke. Illaoi teaches Harsh Lessons, healing from damage taken by her target.

New Portals

  • Ixtal - Ixaocan
    Ixtal - Ixaocan

    Take a portal to Ixaocan, where starring up a set number of units means all players will gain increasingly valuable loot.

  • Bilgewater - Rat Town
    Bilgewater - Rat Town

    Lucky Shops can appear randomly, featuring units tailored to your army.

New Item Types

  • Core Items
    Core Items

    Items built from components. There are 6 new core items!

  • Artifacts

    Unique items with interesting outputs that also always make the wearer stronger. They have a red border. Some Shimmerscale items are now Artifacts!

  • Support Items
    Support Items

    Items that powers up the team in a unique way. They have a new silver border.

Page is based on data Riot provided early.Page will automatically update once more info gets revealed.