Udyr Guide

Learn Udyr with our Udyr guide. Learn about Udyr's strengths and Udyr's weaknesses, and harness key insights to optimize your playstyle. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to Udyr, our guide provides the tools you need to dominate the battlefield.
Key Insights
  • Ability Haste also reduces the global cooldown on his abilities, letting him change stances more often.
  • Udyr can upgrade any of his abilities from level 1. At level 11, any ability can be levelled up a 6th time.
  • Udyr does not retain his abilities' on-hit effects when changing stances.
  • Udyr
    's shield stacks with its Awakened shield.
  • Excels at skirmishes, especially against isolated enemies.
  • Can counter many scenarios with the proper Awaken effect.
  • Stunning multiple enemies with Awakened
    before swapping to another stance can net his team a sizable advantage.
  • Can easily stick to enemies with
    's bonus movespeed and
    's slow.
  • Relies too much on Awakened abilities, and only one ability can be Awakened every so often.
  • Significantly harder to play from behind.
  • Awakening the wrong ability can severely lower Udyr's effectiveness in teamfights.
  • Udyr
    's on-hit effects are underwhelming, including its Awakened effects if the enemy isn't isolated.