Summoner's Rift Cup
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  • 1st$25 Paypal Cash
  • 2nd ~ 3rd$15 Paypal Cash
  • 4th ~ 5th$10 Paypal Cash
  • 6th ~ 10th$5 Paypal Cash


  • Summoner's Rift - Triple Kill
  • Summoner's Rift - Kills & Assists
  • Summoner's Rift - Victory
  • Summoner's Rift - Team Dragon Kills
  • Summoner's Rift - Team Baron Kills
  • Summoner's Rift - Play with Friends
  • Summoner's Rift - Quadra Kill
  • Summoner's Rift - Penta Kill

Best 1 Games

Your best 1 high scoring games will be counted towards the leaderboard. You can play up to 3 games. Any games with a higher score than the current leaderboard will replace the lowest scoring game. For any ties in the leaderboard, it will be determined by earliest time of obtaining the points. Check your profile & post match history for your score.

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