Our Mission

Become every gamer's personal gaming coach, helping them improve with unique performance insights and learning tools.

Our brand pillars remind us of who we are, and what we want to become.

  • Trustworthiness

    Gamers trust Blitz to deliver the most up-to-date builds, guides, tips, and insights. Like a good coach, Blitz gives you the fundamentals to improve then gets out of your way and lets you play to your strengths.

  • Inclusivity

    Blitz helps gamers of any skill level improve their play. Whether you're new to competitive gaming or a seasoned veteran, anyone can enjoy how Blitz automates and simplifies the learning process.

  • Energy

    Gamers use Blitz because they know it works fast, delivering real-time insights and enhancements. We're constantly adapting and staying ahead of the meta without losing steam.

  • Confidence

    With a sleek and striking design, Blitz projects gaming expertise. Backed by esports pros and top-notch data nerds, we know what makes gaming easier and how to help players get better.

  • Empowerment

    Blitz is like a good mentor, not a commander. Downloading Blitz gives players the direction and motivation to enter the competitive gaming scene and rank up with less stress and confusion.

Our team

Headquartered in LA and supported by a global remote workforce, we always seek big opportunities and live by our motto of improving one game at a time.

We're zoomers, boomers, millennials, esports fanatics, and casual gamers united by our love of dreaming big and making an impact.

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    We're constantly inspired by the future of gaming and eager to be a part of it. Join us if you want to make great things, learn new skills, and rank up.

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