About Blitz

Our Mission: Enhance gaming experiences by empowering players with expert analytics designed to help them improve and win more.

About Us

Blitz was created by pro players for all players. We intimately understand the pain points gamers struggle with and strive to solve them through expert analytics. We remove the complications of gaming through features and content delivered directly in game, in real time.

The Company

We work hard and play to win. We’re millennials, boomers, zoomers, gaming veterans, young players, casual gamers, and esports fanatics. We’re constantly inspired by the future of gaming, and we’re eager to be a part of it.

Improving One Game at a Time

Every project at Blitz begins in an effort to improve the experience of the games we play.

Improving One Game at a Time

Being Impactful

With millions gamers around the world using Blitz every day, we strive to simplify and improve our users’ lives.

Seeking Big Opportunities

Technology changes quickly, and we always want to stay one step ahead. By focusing on the future, we can realize bigger opportunities.

Staying Connected

We’ve partnered with big names in the esports and game development communities to make sure the content we deliver is approved by the pros.

Making Magic

Every experience should be magical. When people use our apps, we want them to wonder how they ever lived without them.

While our headquarters are in Playa Vista, CA – our team connects every day from all over the world.

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