VALORANT - August 2023

VALORANT Patch Notes 7.04

Latest information

Here is a sneak peak into the VALORANT Patch Notes 7.04:

This update will be available at the start of Episode 7 Act 2 on August 29, 2023.

  • The new patch will feature the following:
    • New map Sunset
    • Fracture and Pearl removed from rotation
    • Agents changes
    • Premier launch

New Map Sunset

Sunset features 2 sites, and is centered and based around Los Angeles. There are no gimmicks to this map, just straight gameplay.
Sunset will hit the VALORANT servers along with Episode 7 Act 2 on August 29, 2023.
Breeze will be going into the rotation starting next act with Fracture & Pearl being removed. See updated Breeze map on Blitz lineups page.

Sunset map layout

Agent Updates

  • While Patch 7.04 includes changes to over half of the roster, the changes are sharply focused on increasing game state clarity by making the following adjustments:
    • Reducing the frequency of large area of effect of ultimates
    • Reducing the amount of time utility is active in the world
    • Reducing the HP of shootable utility
    • Ultimate cost updates below better align large area, high-impact ults with the pressure they place on the enemy, creating both a better pacing of the round-defining abilities and a clearer choice competition between high and low cost ults

agent tile
  • Astra
    • Gravity Well (C)
      • Startup time increased from 0.6 to 1.25
      • Gravity time duration decreased from 2.75 to 2.0
    • Nova Pulse (Q)
      • Startup time decreased from 1.25 to 1.0
    • Cosmic Divide (X)
      • Audio now is blocked completely by the wall rather than muffled
agent tile
  • Breach
    • Aftershock (C)
      • Ticks reduced from 3 to 2
      • Damage increased from 60 per tick to 80
    • Rolling Thunder (X)
      • Ultimate points increased from 8 to 9
agent tile
  • Brimstone
    • Orbital Strike (X)
      • Ultimate points increased from 7 to 8
agent tile
  • Fade
    • Prowler (C)
      • Time to re-equip gun takes slightly longer after using the ability
agent tile
  • Jett
    • Tailwind (E)
      • Dash window decreased from 12s to 7.5s
      • Activation windup increased from 0.75s to 1s
    • Cloudburst (C)
      • Duration decreased from 4.5s to 2.5s
    • Updraft (Q)
      • Charges decreased from 2 to 1
    • Blade Storm (X)
      • Ultimate points increased from 7 to 8
agent tile
  • Gekko
    • Mosh Pit (C)
      • The impacted area does 10 damage per second before exploding
    • Wingman (Q)
      • HP reduced from 100 to 80
    • Thrash (X)
      • Thrash’s explosion had a little makeover to make it easier to see and understand the area it has affected (on top of being beautiful)
agent tile
  • Killjoy
    • Lockdown (X)
      • Ultimate points increased from 8 to 9
agent tile
  • Omen
    • Guiding Light (E)
      • Max duration while casting reduced from 2.5s to 2s
    • Trailblazer (Q)
      • HP reduced from 100 to 80
    • Seekers (X)
      • Ultimate Points increased from 7 to 8
      • Seeker Health decreased from 150 to 120
agent tile
  • Sova
    • Recon Bolt (E)
      • Total number of scans reduced from 3 to 2
agent tile
  • Viper
    • Viper's Pit (X)
      • Ultimate points increased from 8 to 9

Premier Launch

  • It has begun, Premier has officially launched. Use the information below to get started. See a summary of what’s changed:
    • Premier Stage 1 dates:
      • August 29 - October 22 (PT)
      • Enrollment Period: Aug 29 - Sep 7
      • Weekly Matches: Sep 7 - Oct 21
      • Playoff Tournament: Oct 22
    • Weekly format
      • Weekly matches will feature the full competitive map pool across seven weeks. Each week will still have one dedicated map and a maximum of two matches on said map.
    • Playoff tournament
      • Teams will now need a Premier Score of 675 to qualify for Playoffs.
    • Career tracking
      • Performance will now be tracked from Stage to Stage. Participants will receive a Division crest at the end of each Stage.
    • New divisions
      • Divisions will be split into five tiers: Open, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite, or Contender.
    • New rewards
      • You’ll receive a Player Card if you play one Premier match and a Division Gun Buddy and title if you win Playoffs.

See official FAQ on Premier Launch here.