Viper Lineup
  • Wall + Orb for Rafters B Site Execute

    Enable your team with this combination of Viper utility, as it blocks off any B Heaven player's field of vision.

  • Market Snakebite to B Site Pillar

    Use this molly lineup to flush out any Defenders playing that powerful pillar position.

  • Standard B Site Default Orb From Market

    Here's a strong default orb you can throw at the start of the round to pressure any B Site Defender, as you threaten a lurk or shooting B Heaven players from the side.

  • Market to B Default Post Plant Snakebite

    Here's a simple post plant molly lineup you can throw to prevent Defenders from defusing at B Default.

  • A Side Attacker Default Wall to A Heaven

    Here's a powerful wall you can throw at the start of the round to pressure any Defenders that are playing towards A. Essentially, this enforces Defenders to worry about A Heaven.

  • A Site Toxic Screen + Poison Orb Execute Setup

    This Toxic Screen + Poison Orb combo blocks sightlines of Defenders through A Tower and A Screens, which are crucial sightlines to block during most of the common A Site Executes, alongside blocking vision of Defenders into A Main from A Ramps.

  • Post Plant A Site Snake Bite Lineup from A Lobby

    Here's a post plant Snake Bite lineup for A Site from A Lobby, that can be used for two different common spike plant spots on Site.