Raze Lineup
  • U-Hall Crunch From Short Blast Pack

    Pressure and threaten the U-Hall Defender with this combination of your Boom Bot and Blast Pack. Be cautious when performing this, you leave yourself exposed for a bit when going Backsite.

  • Boom Bot + Paint Shells Hookah Control

    Combo your utility to secure Hookah control easily, you can throw your Paint Shells towards the left if your Boom Bot spots a Defender.

  • How to Take Garden With Boom Bot

    Here's a simple, but effective Boom Bot lineup you can use to clear Defenders contesting Garden. They are able to hide and tuck towards the right side of Garden, however.

  • B Site Paint Shells Execute From Hookah

    Flush out Defenders playing Backsite with this simple nade lineup, they will be forced to fight, be prepared.

  • A Site Paint Shells Execute Backsite

    Flush out Defenders playing Triple and Barrels with this nade lineup, they will be forced to swing onto the angle in the middle between Default and Triple.