Jett Lineup
  • Early Round Two Player Hold for B Main

    Here's a great Early Round two player Hold for B Main, that can be a great way to gain numbers advantage early in the round, while also taking space in B main.

  • Aggressive Early Round Two Player Dash Setup for A Lobby

    Here's an Aggressive Early Round two player Dash setup for A Lobby, that can be a great way to catch enemy players off guard, and create the opportunity for you to get a couple of picks on players in A Lobby. Just be aware of players playing from anti-flash angles in A Lobby, that can usually avoid whatever utility you use to create the opportunity to Dash up through A Main to peek A Lobby.

  • Extra Momentum B Site To Mid Market Tailwind

    This is useful for when you want to rotate to Mid Market more quickly from B Site. To do this, back all the way into the wall and follow the lineup on screen, hold updraft and forward at the same time, aim at the roof at the same angle as seen on screen, and once you've started falling from the peak of your updraft dash directly forward into the roof.

  • A Rafters Jump For A Main / A Site

    This double jump is useful because you can gain information on A Site/A Main, and/or get picks on A Site/A Main.

  • B Site Blade Storm + Updraft To See Inside Of B Main

    This updraft is useful for both getting information inside of B Main from B Site, and potentially getting picks - especially since you can do this twice per round.