Yoru Lineup
  • Tiles to Mid Control Blindside + Fakeout TP Control

    Combo your utility like so, to apply extreme pressure towards Mid. If your Fakeout is not destroyed early, you can bait it in triggering any Sentinel utility.

  • A Main to A Site Hell Gatecrash

    Attack the A Site with this Gatecrash line up to successfully distract and trick Defenders on the site.

  • Aggressive Tiles to Spawn Gatecrash

    Use this Gatecrash line up to mix up your attacking options, letting you potentially gain a round-winning position.

  • Early B Main Control Fakeout + Blindside Combo

    Here's a simple, but effective way to take control of B Main and push Defenders off early into the round. Use your Blindside and Fakeout to pressure anyone holding the angle.